Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Christmas
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Add some extra cuteness and sweetness to your holiday celebration with these easy cupcake decorating ideas for Christmas. With 12 cupcake ideas to choose from, there’s enough for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Snowman cupcakes with frostings, pretzels and marshmallows
Source: Emily Enchanted

Create these cute Snowman Cupcakes with just a few coloured frostings, marshmallows and some Pretzel sticks. Emily from Emily Enchanted shows you just how easy it is to make.

Nativity Rocks Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Taming Twins

I personally haven’t seen Nativity Rocks yet but that’s besides the point. These ‘Nativity Rocks’ Christmas Cupcakes from Sarah at Taming Twins are absolutely banging. Or is it rocking? No? OK. But seriously the cupcake decoration is pretty amazing.

Holly Christmas Cupcakes
Source: Delicious Everyday

Who knew cupcakes could make you emotional? Well, I did actually get a bit emotional when I saw these adorable Holly Christmas Cupcakes that Nicole from Delicious Everyday made. Maybe I’m going soft, but this cupcake decoration certainly gives off a Christmas vibe that’s hard to put into words.

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes
Source: My Kids Lick the Bowl

For someone like me who doesn’t really bake, these Christmas Pudding Cupcakes from Stacey of My Kids Lick the Bowl Blog are the perfect food project to try out this Christmas. The cupcake itself is really easy to make and the decoration I find to be so simple yet very christmassy to look at.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Source: Party Pinching

I like how complicated and professional the Christmas Tree Cupcakes decoration from Party Pinching looks. But in reality they are super easy and only takes a few minutes with this Christmas cupcake decorations icing pouch.

This other variation of the Christmas Tree Cupcake decoration from Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie is equally easy to make.

Christmas Tree Cupcake
Source: The Decorated Cookie
Easy Christmas Cupcakes
Easy Christmas cupcakes decorations
Christmas cupcakes decorations ideas
Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas
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