Easy Things to Sew With a Sewing Machine

Easy Things to Sew With a Sewing Machine
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If you’re new to sewing, naturally you’d want to find some easy things to sew with a sewing machine. More often than not, what you want is some actually cool and creative projects that are also useful.

These quick and easy sewing projects are perfect beginner sewing projects.

They are all easy sewing projects for beginners but can be equally useful for anyone just looking for a bit of inspiration. The list includes projects for kids as well as first sewing projects for adults.

Easy Things to Sew With a Sewing Machine
Easy Things to Sew With a Sewing Machine

What’s wonderful about this list of easy things to sew with a sewing machine is that any of these items can be given as a gift. The list also contains easy sewing projects to sell. It is broken down into different categories for easy reading.

Follow the source link for each item for full instructions on how to sew it.

Easy Sewing Projects for Gifts

Triangle Quilt

Source: See Kate Sew

The great thing about sewing things yourself is that you can use fabrics and patterns of your choice. to make the item extra special. Just like this triangle quilt that’s so easy to sew you’d be making one in your size.

Baby and toddler Shoes

Source: Homemade Toast

Make the cutest gift ever for any little baby or toddler in your life with this gorgeous fashion statement piece that’s actually easy to sew with a sewing machine.

Gathered Fabric Camera Strap

This is quite a creative take on straps as far as easy sewing projects go. Pretty much any photography enthusiast would appreciate something like this as a gift.

Source: Farm Fresh Therapy

The choice of fabric used can go a long way to add some more sentimental value to it.

Fabric Gift Bag

Source: DIY Tutorial Ideas!

Well you sort of need a bag to put your gifts in so here’s a cute little gift bag you can easily sew. It’s a bit like the icing on the cake as far as sewing your own gifts goes.

Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

Basic Band Skirt

Source: rae gun ramblings

It’s a win-win situation when kids sew items that they actually make use of. That’s where this basic band skirt fits in. A simple beginner item for kids and sewing newbies to try their hands on.

Drawstring Bag

Source: Melly Sews

All that’s needed to make a cute drawstring bag is some ribbon and fabric. This is an easy project for kids and adults alike. Instructions on how to make this bag can be found at Melly Sews.

Sunglasses Case

This style of sunglasses case is very basic for kids and beginners as a great sewing summer project. Pick a fabric that reflects your summer style and have fun with it.

Source: Sew DIY

This style of sunglasses case is very basic for kids and beginners as a great sewing summer project. Pick a fabric that reflects your summer style and have fun with it.

First Sewing Projects for Adults

Envelope Pillow Case

Source: Delia Creates

When learning how to sew, it doesn’t get more basic than a pillow case. If you’re looking for easy things to sew with a sewing machine then look no further than this envelope pillow case from Delia Creates.

The Perfect Summer Swing Dress

Source: Merrick’s Art

No one would believe you if you told them how easy it actually is to make this elegant dress. Before you go out spending huge amounts of money on a dress you might want to consider making one yourself first.

Seat Cushions

Source: Brit + Co

One of the greatest benefits of knowing how to sew is being able to create a fresh look for items around the home. This easy seat cushion is an easy way to revive tired seats.

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell

Cloth Napkins

Source: Craftsy

If you’ve got a good eye for patterns and kitchen trends then napkins might be worth considering as an easy sewing project to sell.

Reversible Fabric Storage Bags

Source: A Beautiful Mess

People are always looking for ways to keep organized and storage solutions are always in demand. These reversible storage bags are very easy to sew and can be added to any list of easy sewing projects to sell.

Super Easy Duck Canvas Tote

Source: The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

Whether you give this as a gift or make one for yourself, the value of this canvas tote bag is definitely on the high side. Considering how easy it is to sew one together, it’s definitely a winning item as far as easy sewing projects to sew goes.

Adjustable Apron

Source: Purl Soho

This stylish adjustable apron from Purl Soho is actually quite easy to sew. This particular design is unisex which is an interesting niche to pursue if you want to sew and sell something easy.

30 Minute Sewing Projects

Makeup Bag

Source: Crazy Little Projects

This is more than just a makeup bag as it can serve multiple purposes. The best part is how easy it is to make.

Ballet Dress

Source: It’s Always Autumn

Who knew you could transform a long sleeved tee into a ballet dress? Well I didn’t. That’s why I’m in absolute awe of how gorgeous this extremely easy to sew DIY Ballet Dress from It’s Always Autumn is.

Easy Leggings

Source: Simple Simon & Company

These leggings are a great introduction into easy things to sew with a sewing machine. You would expect them to be difficult to sew but actually, they’re very easy and you can make one in less that 30 minutes.

Fabric Headband

Source: Alice & Lois

These fabric headbands are super easy to make and you can add more fun by going for the reversible fabric headband option.

There you have it. My top list of easy things to sew with a sewing machine.

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