Fun Games for 12 Year Olds to Play Outside

Fun Games for 12 Year Olds to Play Outside
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Some fun games for 12 year olds to play outside during the summer.
12 is a tricky age where kids feel too old to play with the younger kids and too young to play with the older kids.
They’re too cool to hang out with the young kids but not cool enough to hang out with the teenagers.
They seem to have outgrown everything overnight and are now too old for their toys and games. Everything is boring in their opinion and they’ve seen it all.

Keeping 12 year olds entertained can be a real struggle to say the least. Even more so if you want them to go outdoors and have fun. The trampoline is no longer fun, they don’t get the same kick out of playing tag or hopscotch anymore, and everything is just meh.

Fun Games for 12 Year Olds to Play Outside

The good news however is that at age 12, kids are still very much in touch with their childish side. They’re not afraid to get wet or messy during play. There are some fun easy outdoor games for kids that you can quickly put together. Like the water balloon pinata game or water balloon dodgeball. Games that can easily add just that little bit of excitement without any complications or complex planning.

Fun outdoor games for kids of all ages and games that are family friendly, are also fun games for 12 year olds to play outside. Something they can enjoy with both older and younger kids as well as adults without feeling out of place.
Keep them stimulated with games and activities that will challenge them like this giant sized memory matching game.

It’s important for kids this age to spend time outdoors and keep active especially as they go through hormonal changes from puberty.
So grab this mat and take it outdoors for some family fun or get some spray paint and make one yourself.

Fill up some balloons with water and grab some towels for an exciting water balloon towel toss game.
Or add a twist by incorporating a net for a whole different version of the game.

Science based activities like this bottle rocket is sure to be a hit with any 12 year old that’s looking for some outdoor excitement.

Sometimes learning is a great way to create entertainment. Giving kids reals tasks such as photography and gardening can keep them occupied and excited. The goal is to set a target to keep them interested and focused.

If all else fails, you can always rely on some Nerf action to get their juices flowing. Simply switch up the targets to make it new and different every time.

These 5 relay games ideas from HowDoesShe are great examples of simple and fun games for 12 year olds to play outside.

With some Pool Noodles Swimming Floats or hula hoops you can create some hurdles and/or tossing games. Add a ball to the equation and you have this Pool Noodle, Soccer Ball Kid’s Croquet game.

Kids friendly outdoor games

There are other fun games for 12 year olds to play outside which you can buy off the shelf. These great Outdoor Games for Kids come with hours of fun and entertainment out of the box.

Having some essential supplies especially balloons and balls around the house during the summer months can be invaluable. You can shape and craft other materials around these two objects and turn them into games that kids can enjoy all through the summer months.

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