7 Online High School Benefits Seriously Worth Considering

7 Online High School Benefits Seriously Worth Considering
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online high school benefits

Attending school online at any level requires a lot of self-discipline. More so for any individual of high school age who is at that stage of life where the word discipline is more of a potential source of pain than an opportunity for progress.

The average high schooler is a vessel of raging hormones and characteristically unpredictable at the best of times.

So why would any parent or guardian want to risk their child not having a “proper education” by allowing them to attend an online high school where discipline is not externally enforced?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why an online high school should be considered and I’ll share some of them here with you.

Contrary to popular opinion, students in online high schools are not just left to their own devices to fend for themselves and structure their own curriculum. While there are some forms of freedom there is also enforced discipline and monitoring in various formats.

Education is a person’s primary right without which individuals and even nations cannot make an impactful difference in the world.

Traditionally when the word education is used we subconsciously conjure an image of a physical setting consisting of a building with classrooms filled with pupils and teachers in attendance.

With advancements in technology and how it has affected every facet of life with education being at the forefront. The presence of online high schools are still very few and far between.

At its infancy, online education was mostly geared towards professional bodies and a few tertiary institutions with advanced educational or specialist offerings.

It was more an offer of convenience and a way of getting more signups than an actual approach to disseminating knowledge and gathering feedback – like traditional classroom schools. But all that has now changed and online education is as valid a channel of education as any brick and mortar school.

Although the progress in this method of teaching in high schools is moving at a much slower pace than the world’s technological progress. Nevertheless, the option is available and offers a whole lot of benefits that are worth considering.

Here are 7 online high school benefits you should consider:

Location Independent

With online education, students are not restricted to a physical location during term time which means they don’t miss out on their education when they physically can’t be in school like in traditional settings. Having a cold or feeling unwell doesn’t automatically place one’s education on hold.

There’s also the added bonus of being able to enjoy other pastimes such as traveling and sports, while still in active education. Students can travel anywhere in the world while still being able to attend classes.

Can you imagine being able to physically explore a subject that you’re learning about in real-time? Such is the power of online education. Students that can afford it are able to followup the theory aspects of their classes with real-time physical and practical experiences where applicable.

Flexible Learning

A flexible learning environment improves the learning experience and creates an opportunity for even more favorable outcomes.

Being able to choose how and where online high school students learn is a key factor that would benefit their overall results. Whether that be in the form of a physical environment, the pace at which they learn or the method by which they learn.

Online high school students can benefit from this flexibility in a way that traditional high school students can’t. For example, they can enroll in specific stand alone courses that would benefit their overall career goals from other education providers. This gets them a bit of a head start in accessing relevant tuition in comparison to their peers who attend regular face to face traditional schools.

The flexibility of online high schools is one of its key attraction to parents who wish to homeschool but don’t have the time, resources or capacity to do so effectively.

By enrolling their children in an online high school, parents are able to provide additional educational support with homeschooling. Others prefer to take some additional face to face tuition for some modules or participate in other activities of interest.

Self Paced

Online high schools provide students with the opportunity to adopt their own pace of learning whether that be a faster or slower pace. This feature is very much unlike how it works in conventional schools where students with different learning speeds are grouped together and set the same timebound targets.

That has always been a source of pressure and frustration for some students, parents and even teachers. Every student deserves a learning pace they can adapt to in order to reach their educational goal. This is an opportunity that online high schools offer.

While students are still expected to achieve certain outcomes by set deadlines, the pace at which they reach their goal is largely decided by the student themselves. This can have huge positive physical and mental health effects. For one, it takes the pressure off and eliminates the feeling of being left out for whatever reason.

This self-paced opportunity is not something the average traditional high school can offer. They physically would not have the resources to offer such tailor-made adaptive pace to each student on an individual basis.

High Quality Learning

Online high schools have a more consistent record in the delivery of education. Which helps them attain a more consistent student performance across the board. This is because a lot of training materials delivered to students in online high schools are carefully planned, prerecorded resources delivered through a single channel.

Each student enrolled in a specific course is getting the same exact educational materials and information.
This makes information more consistent and the chances of being taught conflicting ideologies and methods are pretty close to nonexistent.

In traditional high schools, it is not uncommon to have more than one teacher for each subject at every level. Which means a student in once class may not necessarily be taught in the same way as another in the next.
This can sometimes arise in widely varied student performance as they are all required to sit the same exam at the required time. Creating an inconsistent result depending on how each group of students have received their information. With online learning, the entire class is singing from the same hymn book.

Unlimited Resources

In an online high school setting, hundreds of students can access the same exact class materials without concerns that the class is going to be too full for one teacher to handle.

This is however not the case in traditional schools where class sizes are restricted by the availability of finite resources such as the number of seats available, policies and best practices on teacher-student ratios, etc.

Online high schools are not limited by physical resources in that way.
The opportunity to be able to have unlimited access to resources is a very beneficial aspect of online schooling.

A lot of online high schools collaborate with other learning providers to bridge their resource gaps where necessary. They subscribe to these organizations and give their students automatic access thereby increasing the overall amount of resources available to the student.

Unlimited Access

Imagine being able to attend class at any time of the day or night.

With online learning, students can literally attend classes at any time they want and the necessary resources would be there for them to instantly access.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantage that Students in online high schools have is the ability to listen to a prerecorded lecture over and over again until they are satisfied with their level of understanding.

In a traditional classroom setting, there are no opportunities for playback. Students can come away from a class feeling like they haven’t understood something but aren’t in a position to seek clarification.

Worse still they may not even realize that they have missed some vital information until it is too late.

With online learning, students can seek clarification at their own convenience no matter what time it is.

Person-centered Approach

Online high school environments create an opportunity for students to pick and choose their courses purely out of their own interests and abilities.

There are little to no other external forces like peer pressure, teacher or course popularity, etc in deciding which courses to choose from. That way, students are better able to focus on themselves and their education based on what they can manage and what their desires are.

Being able to make these types of individual decision significantly increases the chances of a student performing at much higher standards. It creates a sense of autonomy and privacy with less emphasis on social standing.

Also, attending high school online makes it possible to fit studies around their personal circumstances. Whether that be health, social or physical needs.

This is one of the reasons why online studies is the option of choice for mature students who are looking to go back to obtain their high school diploma and introverts who hate the feeling of sticking out like a sore thumb in every physical gathering.

A key concern back in the day for people looking to undertake any form of online studies was the associated high cost of technology. But nowadays even traditional schools require pupils to have some form of an electronic device with internet access in order to perform some tasks. Whether that be to research for an assignment or as a communication tool.

So technological cost is almost a given for any high school student regardless of the method of study.

There is a stronger reliance on technology in the world in general today than ever before. Therefore, it makes sense to see an increasing number of online high schools available.

However, technology for education is not a low-cost venture and definitely not something that every school can partake in. While we wait for the world of education to catch up, we can take advantage of the few online high schools available today.

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