Valentines Day

13 Valentine ’s Day cookies

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what more could anyone ask for, but some Valentine’s Day cookies (and cookie cakes of course). If you’re looking for some baking inspiration this valentine then these cookies might be just what you

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7 Valentine Cookie Cake Ideas

I’m so excited about these valentine cookie cake ideas I don’t even know where to begin. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I tend to get into that zone where all I want is sweet treats, loads of them and

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Valentine's Vegan Recipes

10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes

A few people I know are on their vegan start to the year. It’s a diet cycle where they follow a vegan diet mostly during the entire month of January. Veganuary, I think it’s called. Personally, I tend to eat

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Valentine Hearts Crafts for Kids

Love hearts are almost synonymous with Valentine’s day celebration. Therefore it’s only fitting that a lot of crafts are heart shaped in nature. This is a collection of some very easy valentine hearts crafts for kids to do. They are

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Valentines Day Printable Crafts

Another Valentine’s day is around the corner and here are some Valentines day printable crafts to help you reduce the costs without compromising on quality. These are thoughtful, handmade (to some extent) and unique items that add a personal touch

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