7 Valentine Cookie Cake Ideas

7 Valentine Cookie Cake Ideas
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I’m so excited about these valentine cookie cake ideas I don’t even know where to begin.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I tend to get into that zone where all I want is sweet treats, loads of them and more treats. If you know someone similar, then what better way to treat them than to make one of these sweet and incredibly tasty treats for them. You don’t have to go through the effort of trying to figure out whether to give them cake or cookies. They can absolutely have both. Result!

#1 Heart shaped valentine’s day cookie cake by Ann from Bake du Jour
#2 M&M’s Red Velvet Cookie Cake by Jamie from Love Bakes Good Cakes
#3 The Best Valentine’s Cookie Cake Ever by Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife

Go through the source/recipe links to find the one you like. They are packed full of delicious cookies and all sorts of frostings to suit different tastes. Stick your partner’s favourite cookies in there and give them as a gift. Be sure to find a way to save a slice for yourself because they tend to get eaten really quickly. These cookie cakes are absolutely divine.

#4 Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Cake by Laura from The Turquoise Home
#5 Incredible Sugar Cookie Cake Recipe by Julie
#6 Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake by Crystal & Co
#7 Valentine’s Day Cookie Cake by Nicole from Seasonly Creations

These Valentine Cookie Cakes are really easy to make and they capture the essence of valentine so well. You can give them away as a gift, make them for your family to enjoy and share at home, use them at your Valentine’s party or simply bake one for yourself as a Valentine’s Day treat. Take (the whole cake) a slice and enjoy it with a nice bottle of wine.

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