10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes

10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes
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A few people I know are on their vegan start to the year. It’s a diet cycle where they follow a vegan diet mostly during the entire month of January. Veganuary, I think it’s called. Personally, I tend to eat vegan(ish) for a few days every month. I’m not that strict with it though if I’m honest.

I’m one of those people that know what’s good (and what works) for me, and I do it as much as I can but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. “Life’s too short”, I say.

Having said that, I am determined to lose some weight this year and I’ll set my goal after I’ve gone through the leftover chocolates and biscuits from Christmas. I just can’t let them go to waste can I? They’re children starving in Africa (I should know), and it’s not good to waste food 🙂

In the meantime, here are some really inspiring vegan valentines recipes especially for the start of the year vegans. There’s no excuse not to stretch the vegan diet into February now. Ha!

To view a recipe, kindly click on the source link. Enjoy.

Valentine’s Raw Vegan Pitaya Cheesecake by Georgie at Greens of the Stone Age
Valentine Shortbread Sweethearts (Vegan) by Kate from The Veg Space
Valentine’s Cookies with Cranberry and Pecan by Madeleine Shaw
Valentine’s Vegan Shortbread Heart Biscuits by Sneaky Veg
Vegan & Gluten Free Vanilla Biscuit from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen
Vegan Valentine – Beetroot Soup with Coconut Hearts by Chris from Thinly Spread
Vegan Valentine Chocolate Truffles by Madeleine Shaw
Vegan Valentines Cupcakes by Party Animal
Vegan white chocolate by Veggielicious
Valentines Vegan Biscuits With Cranberries by Emma of Free From Farmhouse

Yeah more sweet stuff, I know. It’s just where my head’s at right now. I’m currently reading F*** You Cancer as I try to come to terms with a close friend’s cancer diagnosis. She did “EVERYTHING” right, yet here we are. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this so I hope you have a lovely Valentne’s Day with your loved one(s).

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